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Design & Production of Electric Machines:

Subsea motor, Downhole motor, Electric vehicle motor, ROV motor, Special motors, Electric ship/boat motor. Permanent magnet generator. Renewable energy permanent magnet generator
An electric machine is a converter from electricity to mechanical power (motors) or from mechanical power to electricity (generators) or from one electric power to another (transformers).
Elmotor AS can design and produce electric machines for use over and under water (subsea motors), into oil wells, or other places where it will be necessary to make special designs for environments with high pressure, high temperatures etc. Machine can also be designed for any speed and torque if it is physical possible
In the marked today it is a lot of standard electric machines, but sometimes it is necessary to make a new machine for special applications. Typical standard machines are made for use in standard environments and are normally made for standard frequency and voltage (50/60 Hz. 230/400/440/690V)
Sometimes it is a need for machines working under other conditions, or at different frequency and/or voltage. Elmotor AS have the knowledge of how to make designs special for your needs.
As an example, a standard motor made for 50 Hz, can be speed controlled with a frequency inverter, but when the frequency is increased over 50Hz, the torque will be reduced. Elmotor AS can design and produce motor running at full torque all the way up to maximum frequency.
For control of motors we can offer complete solution for direct start, soft start or for frequency inverter-controlled motors, direct connected at low voltage machines up to 690 VAC or in combination with transformer and necessary filter for use at higher voltage. Typical up to 4,2 kVAC.

Examples of applications:

ROV:(Remotely operated underwater vehicle)
TMS:(Tether Management System)
Linear actuator
Explosion proof oil filled pump motor
Subsea Cutting Tools
Downhole Tools
Electrical Propulsion System in Ships
Dredging Equipment
High Torque machines. 
up to 100 000 Nm
Thrusters for ROVs
Renewable generator solutions
All machines will be calculated according to the customer's need for torque-speed-voltage
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